About Art

With regard to my paintings, I complete all of my paintings using acrylic paint on stretched canvas or flat canvas. All paintings arrive with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and are packaged responsibly for journey through post.

My Illustrations consist of original hand drawn designs using ink, pencil or acrylic paint, completed on paper of my choosing and scanned. 

My Collages are completed using hand picked material from books, newspapers and personal original art sources bound or pasted to my preferred surfaces and scanned.

Sculptures Coming Soon


To view my commission rates, please see PRICES. Commissions require a 25% non-refundable deposit, which is to be paid upfront before I begin your painting. Deposits are 25% of the grand total.  If, upon completion, you are dissatisfied with the end result, you do not have to pay the remainder. All payments are through Paypal, unless otherwise stated. To set up a commission with me please contact via email: cierraroweart@gmail.com. 

I do not currently offer prints of my artwork.

I have not given anyone permission to create or sell prints of my artwork, nor have I given permission to anyone for clothing or product designs featuring my art.

No artwork featured on this site or shared elsewhere may be published or reproduced without the artist's full consent. ©2020CierraG.Rowe

These are my only social media accounts. Aside from this site, I do not share my art on any other platform other than these:




© 2020 Cierra G. Rowe