About Me

Hey there. Thank you for taking a moment to visit this page and read a bit more about me, as an artist.

Art sits above the superficial barriers and trivial differences that we allow ourselves to entertain or be divided by, cementing the reality that we are all human, all navigating this strange and great metropolis called life. 

Many things inspire me to paint. I especially enjoy capturing my surroundings and places that I have yet to visit, in a way that breathes life into my canvases. The great outdoors is something to be cherished. As a small girl I traveled a lot with my parents: from Canada to Texas, New York and all around the USA. I remember being amazed at how different things out there were, compared to what I was familiar with at home. It was a good feeling; knowing that so many people occupied so many different crevices of the world. 

Many lovely scenes are captured from memory and even more are captured from a desire to travel. I grew up in the belly of rural southern Kentucky, within a quaint town where strangers are not hard to find. It is the kind of a place that is easily forgotten once you pass it on the interstate, headed to more vivid and lively scenes. Kentucky has so many picturesque areas but the smaller towns can be gloomy. I have only ever lived in rural areas and find their quietude to be an ideal setting for painting. A great portion of my paintings have found completion here; surrounded by quiet hills and rustling masses of graceful trees. 

I tend to paint landscapes and scenes due to my adoration of nature, fascination with perspective and the intimacy of simplicity. My sensitivity guides my palette selection, as I get lost in distance and color. In a sense, I do feel that my paintings invite the viewer to escape into them. Most works of art have their mysteries and It is always stimulating to feel as though you are a part of them - to interact with them. 

Painting is personal and important to me. It can be very therapeutic. Through painting, I can share my perspective and capture what I please, be it near or far, in my own way. I am not comfortable with looking at something and copying it line for line. Even as a child I hated the exactness of things. I have to believe that my distaste for imitation, through the years, has shaped me into the artistic lone wolf that I am today.

Years ago, before I initially gave in to painting and to art in general, I was unsure of how to express myself. Overwhelmed with personal wounds and despair, I became morose. Slowly, art became my window, my journal of sorts and painting allowed me to unburden myself through color. I can remember the first time that things made sense with art; it was a moment of pure clarity and enthusiasm. Many paintings later I was finally able to let myself breathe.

Painting has not been my only means of creating, though it remains my preferred medium. In the past, I have also drawn a multitude of graphic sketches and illustrations, experimented with collaging, briefly played with oils, dabbled in photography (which I still enjoy) and discovered a hunger for writing poetry. It was important for me to explore mediums so that I could find what suited me best. 

Art narrates growth. Each of my paintings are a kind of study for me, an invitation to reflect and write through my brushstrokes. I'd like to think that I have earned the right to feel confident in what I am doing. If an artist can be proud of their creation, that's really all that matters.

My paintings often lean with my moods; like emotive parades of color. Movement, texture and hue all flow together enthusiastically, forming a scene that organically encapsulates something meaningful to me.

Sharing my paintings brings me a great sense of warmth. One thing that I have realized is that I can never decide or anticipate how someone else interprets my artwork. Art is invigorating, magnetic and so many other things. At the end of the day, when you peer into any painting or any dance of color, you see what you see and that keeps things exciting.

© 2021 Cierra G. Rowe