SEX, MADNESS & MAYHEM | Collected Illustrations by CIERRA G. ROWE

SEX, MADNESS & MAYHEM is an original art book packed with over 50 hand drawn adult illustrations and personal artwork/photography, reflective of a troubled history and desperate attempts at coping. Touching on an assortment of sexual themes and trauma, this book questions womanhood through lines of scenes and parades recovery while leaving hints of humor among its pages.
(This book is intended for Adults only)


Collages is a dada and somewhat critical approach to the modern reality of the human condition and separate conditioning. It is political, raw, contemporary, abstract and very much capable of making you dig deeper into what you are viewing, how it makes you feel and what surrounds you. The phrase ''two sides to every coin'' is a suitable set of words to summarize this one -of-a-kind book of collages.
This book is intended for Adults only.