Artist Statement

Born in rural Kentucky, I have been painting since my mid-teens and have always enjoyed the benefits of self expression. Art is a luminous jack-o’-lantern on Halloween. It is the fresh and cool air that kisses your face when you step out of your disguise. Like a sparkling night of stars; art gives me perspective and shows us that we are never truly alone. My paintings are speckled with echoes of passion, spirit, and nature. Through my art, I enthusiastically communicate the essence of the present and mystery of the past. Art is still therapeutic for me, a lighthouse through the fog. Over the years it has encouraged me to embrace my history, identity and experiences, while allowing me to articulate the splendor of the many forms that surround and elude me. I have a preference for painting with acrylics and using semi-heavy mediums over stretched canvas to carry movement, emotion and the strokes from my brushes or palette knives. Painting excites me. In this breathing fresco of life and dreams, how can one not feel the impulse to share what is inside and to capture and release time onto a canvas? 

Call me ''old fashioned'' but I do not offer prints of my artwork.