Cierra's Pricing

I want to offer more affordable art. Quality stays the same, but pricing dips so as to give more folks a chance to own my artwork.

Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to profit greatly from my artwork and I feel comfortable enough now to revise my pricing. My husband and I are art collectors of different ''shades''. He likes what he likes and I like what I like but we both appreciate the value that our art of choice holds to us. That is what it is all about. Yes, of course I have to charge for my efforts and time, along with my materials but I feel that there is nothing wrong in revising prices from time to time, especially if that leads to more people having a chance to own the art that they desire. 

I have often been told to increase my prices because artwork that is priced at a lesser cost than what is expected is somehow deemed as being ''flawed'' or not good enough? That, to me, is baffling. As an avid art collector myself, I have purchased artwork for a lesser than expected price on many occasions and I continue to enjoy my purchases. I buy from honest artists, artists who earn my trust through being transparent about their materials and shipping process. It's all about trust. 

As much as I can appreciate those flattering remarks of ''Cierra raise your prices!'' thrown from every direction, I have never allowed things of that nature to sway any of my decisions concerning my artwork. I have to do what I feel is best, being that the art in question here is mine. I work hard on my paintings and put so much effort into each one. Why shouldn't I be able to offer them for a price that is lesser than anticipated? 

In this somewhat wacky world, an artwork of mine listed by me for a cut price should not send off alarm bells. Those who have followed my artwork are fairly acquainted with how serious I take it. I stand behind my art. In revising prices, I am not decreasing my efforts or usage of materials. Everything stays the same including careful packaging, official COAs and mini thank you notes that I can't help but include with each order. 

I feel like there can never be enough good in the World. Why not add to that? I choose to add to that by giving more folks a chance to own my artwork. Pleasant changes are the best ones.

Happy collecting!!

- Cierra G. Rowe