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'PRICK' is an original acrylic painting completed on 11 x 14 inch flat canvas by Cierra Rowe. This painting is one of four included within my 'CHAPTER' Collection. Accompanying this painting is an exclusive short story written by Artist, Musician and Writer, Ade Rowe.

by Ade Rowe

It wasn't always like this. Frank used to be fine. He was well groomed, athletic, and, some would say, a very handsome bloke. His childhood was full of turmoil but he handled it well, a little too well. Frank's father was a gardener, always doing the flower beds in the garden, pottering away at all the plants that he had around the house. Frank's father was a mild mannered man. He kept himself to himself, didn't bother anyone. Frank's mother, however, was a monster.

At every opportunity, Frank's mother would shout obscenities at him. She would punch him repeatedly, until the poor child fell into unconsciousness. The abuse didn't end with physical harm though. Frank's mother would often make her child do unspeakable things to satisfy her sexually. That's why it was such a relief when the old bitch passed away. Even Frank's father hated his wife; years of mental abuse, nagging, yelling, mind games…

Frank hated his body. He couldn't bear to see himself naked in the mirror. Maybe it was because of all the pain he had endured from his mother? Maybe it was because he hated having to look at the drooping piece of flesh hanging down between his legs? Maybe it was both? He often found himself asking, why couldn't he have something nice-looking down there? Something pretty, like all the lovely green plants in the house.

Just over a year ago, Frank and his father finally had enough of all the abuse they had to take from the woman they shared the house with. Frank got his gun, put it to the back of her head and blew her brains out. Frank's father was happy to help and being the ever-skillful gardener that he was, buried the old hag in the garden. A rose bush now grew on top of where the evil old bastard lay, rotting in the ground. That was that.

Why couldn't Frank have a plant for a penis? It was something he had dreamt about since he was a child. But all Frank could do was dream; it would never come true anyway. Maybe his dream would come true one day? Who knows? He'd heard people saying his father had green fingers, so maybe he took after him, only in the trouser department. Who knows? All Frank could do was dream and dreams sometimes do come true.

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All artwork and images © Cierra Rowe
Written short story © Ade Rowe