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'CHEETAH TREES AT NIGHT' is an original acrylic painting completed on 11 x 14 inch flat canvas by Cierra Rowe. This painting is the third and final piece included within my 'CHAPTER' Collection. Accompanying this painting is an exclusive short story written by Artist, Musician and Writer, Ade Rowe.

by Ade Rowe

The cheetah had an itch that was driving him crazy. It just wouldn't ease up. He tried jumping into the river. He tried rolling on his back but nothing could stop the itch on his back that was boring into his nerves.

Roaming for miles, trying to bite at his back, trying to get some relief from the annoyance that just wouldn't go away, the cheetah looked up into the distance and could see the trees; branches swaying in the wind, as if beckoning him to come closer, as if they had the cure to his awful distraction.

By the time the cheetah had walked to the trees, the sun had fallen and his mood was horrible. He would easily rip apart any living creature that would dare to come near. He was focused and began rubbing his back on the bark of all the trees in succession, then he would go back to the first tree and start the process all over again. This lasted for at least two hours and then finally, his itch had been scratched. It was such a huge relief and just like that, the cheetah ran off into the darkness.

The bark on the trees began to gradually change. Instead of being a dark brown colour, the trees were now the same colour as the cheetah that had been using them as a scratch post, the same cheetah that was now drinking from a water hole admiring his lovely new brown fur.

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Painting arrives with signed certificate of authenticity and printed 5x7 original short story 'Cheetah Trees at Night' by Ade Rowe. Buyer will be notified of tracking for order.

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All artwork and images © Cierra Rowe
Written short story © Ade Rowe