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'Dirty Chic' is an original acrylic painting completed on 12 x 16 inch flat canvas by Cierra Rowe.

This painting is a small homage to all of the catty pop songs I've listened to, both in my teens and now. While painting this, I thought of edgy, fashionable types whose sole goal was holding the title of ''It Girl'' and getting whatever and whoever she wants at any cost. I couldn't help but replay the phrase ''It's Britney, bitch'', while stroking my brush over the scene unfolding in this piece. I may have even uttered those words out loud a couple of times whilst picking colors.
To be clear I don't identify with that type, nor have I ever. I was more of a ''wallflower'' in my teens. With everything that I had to deal with, that's no surprise. The library was my haven and frequently I just wanted to be alone with my books, away from everyone else. The ''It Girl'' myth is something that I left behind after school, all those years ago. The mean girl who didn't want to share a table at lunch because you were ''beneath her'' and the mean girl who made fun of anyone who wasn't a size 0, and the mean girl who whispered to other mean girls and laughed while staring is now suddenly the woman who posts cringeworthy pics of her baby, obvious drug habit and failing marriage on Facebook (sorry not sorry). The world truly has a way of balancing things. MWAH.

To any girl out there who's having a hard time in school and feels that she isn't enough, PLEASE understand that school does not last forever. Give yourself a break. Get lost in books and art. Explore yourself, appreciate yourself and always, always know that you ARE enough and you ARE important and you ARE amazing.

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