'Sun Mountain' - Original Impasto Painting - 16x12

$150.00 USD
'Sun Mountain' - Original Impasto Painting -  16x12

'Sun Mountain' is an original acrylic impasto painting completed on 12 x 16 inch flat canvas by Cierra G. Rowe.

The beautiful things should never be ignored. This world holds so much beauty. At times it can be overwhelming when you're left to behold its immense grandeur. I want to capture that richness, through my brushstrokes, solely stimulated by nature and wonders near and far, while seeing and feeling the essence of the outdoors.

This painting arrives with a signed certificate of authenticity and Artist statement.

More details regarding canvas -
Dimensions - (L) 16 inches x (W) 1/8 inch x (H) 12 inches
Triple primed gesso, pre-coated with 8 oz of acid-free acrylic gesso.

© Cierra G. Rowe