$60.00 USD

'SUPERMODEL' is an original acrylic painting completed on 8 x 10 inch canvas panel by Cierra Rowe. This painting is one of four included in my ever-growing 'Creature Meats' Collection.

Who are our models? Are they the talking mouths on television? Are they the enhanced and photo shopped, to appear seemingly flawless, strangers we see plastered on billboards, posts or clothing ads? Are they the people we trail with our eyes and sometimes compare ourselves to? What does it mean to be 'super'? Surely it means that you are above something...superior to something? How can that be? If you pair 'super' and 'model' together it doesn't make sense to me. You are a 'super' ("superior")person who starves yourself to appease (yourself? Others?) and fit into clothing? You are a "super" (superior) person bathed in vanity, preoccupied with perfection, harming your insides while parading your outsides? I do not understand and I no longer have a need to. Some things are beyond me and I choose to consider what is important. There are folks out there who don't know where their next meal will come from so if folks want to starve to feel pretty or risk their health for a pair of jeans that's fine by me. Usually you can't convince them otherwise. May as well leave the food to someone who needs it and who values health. Fashion is really cool but I don't understand why weight and obsession with appearance has to be so tied into it and seemingly glamorized.

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