'Synthetic' No. 2: 'The Marroness' (African, Female, dark hair)

$65.00 USD
'Synthetic' No. 2: 'The Marroness' (African, Female, dark hair)

'THE MARRONESS' is an original acrylic painting completed on 11 x 14 inch flat canvas by Cierra Rowe. This painting is part of my 'Synthetic' Collection.

Blood, Bones, Water, Skin, Muscle, Organs

A human being with feelings and thoughts who experiences the highs and lows of life.
whose appearance is a fraction of a larger puzzle that is her.

Do we view ourselves through our eyes
or the eyes of others?

'Synthetic' is fueled by beauty and reflection.
Does beauty matter?
What do you gain from being beautiful?
What is your opinion of the face staring back at you in the mirror?

Beauty can be natural but sometimes it isn't.
The lengths that some will go to obtain their ideal of this fickle thing is puzzling.
Truly, for some, being beautiful is paramount. Nothing less will suffice.

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*note* Please see third photo as the first and second do not accurately capture the pink within the sky.