'THE ADAMANTLY EVIL TREE' - Original Adam and Eve Biblical Painting - 9x12, Ready to hang

$60.00 USD
'THE ADAMANTLY EVIL TREE' - Original Adam and Eve Biblical Painting - 9x12, Ready to hang

'THE ADAMANTLY EVIL TREE' is an original acrylic painting completed on 9 x 12 inch stretched canvas by Cierra Rowe. This painting is my small interpretation of Adam, Eve and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This painting is included in my Divine Collection.

Just a few thoughts inspired by my painting 'The Adamantly Evil Tree') With regard to God I'm not sure that one could paint something like that in a human form. If God is the creator, then there is nothing ''human'' about that, which means that God's alleged sex, race or physical form would be much too advanced for human perception/understanding, which would also make painting what God looks like, a near impossibility, but an exercise for the imagination nonetheless.
I think that the majority of people who believe in God are only comfortable seeing God in their own image. A master who looks like the servant is an easier master to serve, A guardian who looks like the guarded is easier to believe in, I guess.
The same can be applied to Jesus; folks bicker back and forth about what color he was and what hair texture he had. Does it matter? It's so typical and human-like to argue over something as trivial as that. It reverts back to the theory that people NEED their belief to reflect them. Example : A green person can't believe in a burgundy God. A mango can't believe in a watermelon God. You get me :p ? Anyways it makes it easier to question holy depictions within art. Even all those years ago, fear hung over the herd. Those fantastic depictions that my husband and I bark about are very telling of the mindset of those who painted or oversaw them. But as I mentioned before, I'm only jotting down thoughts that help with my artwork. I may as well share it here

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