'The Desert of Mommy' - Original Painting - 8x10, flat canvas (Hellescapes)

'The Desert of Mommy' - Original Painting - 8x10, flat canvas (Hellescapes)

'The Desert of Mommy' Acrylic Painting by Cierra G. Rowe

Medium - Acrylic on flat canvas
Original - One-of-a-kind work of art
Size (inches) - 10 (H) x 8 (W) x 1/8 (D)
My signature - Bottom, right corner
This painting is not wired to hang.
Created - 2017

Commentary -
No commentary for this painting

A man and woman stand in a dim room, lit only by a lamp and the faint light from a disappearing sunset. The woman's head is on fire (this is a metaphor for loss of control and pain) she holds her swollen belly with one hand and grasps the man's arm with the other. The man shies away from her, rigid in his position, while holding a white candle (symbolizing peace). He has lost his head. Maybe his too was once on fire. An open box sits nearby and across from the box is a child's head stuck in, or coming out of, the floorboards. Above the lamp is a painting of a sunset very similar to the one staring through the window. It seems that the whole room is off of its head. 

About my 'Hellescapes':
I remember when I first coined the term ''Hellescape''. It made sense. It fit. The dark period that I was experiencing did indeed feel like a personal hell. These paintings capture a silent anguish.

*Actual colors shown within my artwork may sometimes vary slightly from your monitor. This is due to computer monitors and screens displaying colors differently. Contact me if you have questions or concerns.

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