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'You Broke My Heart, I'll Break Your Nuts'

  • 'You Broke My Heart, I'll Break Your Nuts'
  • 'You Broke My Heart, I'll Break Your Nuts'

'You Broke My Heart, I'll Break Your Nuts' is an original acrylic painting completed on 12 x 16 flat canvas by Cierra Rowe.

Rejection is painful, just like razor burns.
but this painting isn't about razor burns, she obviously doesn't shave.

The figure shown in this painting has had a very rough night, the sort of night that ends in tears, dream pop and wine breath.
Earlier in the evening the figure shown in this painting got all dolled up and went out to a restaurant to wait for her blind date. She had already seen his profile photo so she knew who to look for.
When her date arrived she waved to him.
A wave which was not returned.
He took one glance at her and left without saying anything.
''WAIT!, WAIT, IT'S ME!'', she yelled. Her cries fell on deaf ears.
Rather than accept rejection, she quickly grabbed her purse and hurried after her ''date''. When she finally caught up to him, she asked him through tears ''Why did you leave?'' to which he replied ''You look nothing like your profile photo and your voice is deep and scary''.

As she walked home alone, one thought kept her company: ''You broke my heart, I'll break your nuts.''

Rejection happens, let's keep it movin'.

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